Top 5 Reasons Casablanca is the best NNN Buyer Broker for your 1031 Exchange

Hi, my name is Alex Casablanca, Managing Broker at Casablanca Triple Net Lease Advisors. Today I’m going to talk to you about the Top 5 Reasons Casablanca is the best NNN Buyer’s Broker for your 1031 Exchange.  As a Buyer it is very important that you be represented by a knowledgeable, diligent and trustworthy buyer’s broker. It is important to highlight that the Seller’s Broker represents the best interest of the Seller’s, not yours. Therefore, it is extremely important that you be represented by an experienced and knowledgeable NNN Buyer’s Broker. Let me tell you about the Top 5 Reasons Casablanca is the Best NNN Buyer Broker for Triple Net Investors and your 1031 Exchange. So let’s get to it. 

1. Knowledge, Experience and Track Record

At Casablanca we specialize exclusively in Selling Triple Net properties nationwide USA. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to assist and guide you along the way, from market research, identifying potential properties, evaluating and negotiating them, due diligence, up to the closing table. We have helped many Triple Net Buyers and 1031 Exchange Investors in finding and negotiating the best NNN property according to their investment goals and risk tolerance. Moreover, we represent our Buyers for Free since we get paid from the seller, so you get our expert advice and representation at no additional cost to you. 

2. Exclusive Representation with Honesty and Transparency

We are committed to our clients, we represent your interests exclusively, and we have the commitment to negotiate the best price and the best terms for you. We are going to give you our honest opinion about every property that we consider. We are going to tell you the good things and the bad things as well. Moreover, If we notice anything on any property that could represent a higher risk for you as an investor we will tell you right away.  Remember, the Seller’s broker most probably will not tell you the red flags on the property they are selling, they represent the Seller’s best interests, not yours. If you choose us as your broker I can guarantee you that we will tell you the truth and you will always get our honest advice. 

3. Diligent Service, Hard Work and Availability for Our Clients

We distinguish ourselves by providing diligent service, we work very hard for our clients and always go the extra mile in doing an extensive market research and providing you with as many properties for your consideration as possible. Another important aspect that distinguishes us is that we are always available for our clients. We are available 7 days a week over the phone to assist you and answer any questions you may have. 

4. Patience to Work with Our Clients at their Own Pace

Patience is an important aspect to consider when you select a Broker. We have the patience to work with our clients at their own pace and at their own time table, and we never push any property to our clients. We will provide you as many alternatives as we can and we will continue looking patiently until we find the best property for you according to your investment goals and risk tolerance. Most of the time we start early in the process with our clients even with several months in advance. 

5. We Give You Back, Free Buyer Representation and We Pay for Your Closing Costs

Lastly and not least important, one unique aspect that distinguishes ourselves is that We Give You Back in exchange of your trust. We represent you for free, and we also pay for your closing costs up to a maximum of $10,000. This incentive will offset or cover completely most of your closing costs, such as title fees, attorney fees, recording fees, among others. We proudly call ourselves The Brokers that Give You More. We believe that our clients deserve more and if you choose us as your Broker we will give you our knowledge and expertise for free, and we will pay for your closing costs up to $10,000.

In summary, we believe that at Casablanca we are the Best NNN Buyer’s Broker for Triple Net Buyers and 1031 Exchange investors. We have the knowledge and expertise to guide you to a successful closing. If you are interested in Buying a Triple Net property or if you are in a 1031 Exchange, feel free to call me directly at your convenience at 407-446-6154 or email me at [email protected]