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Slide Your 1031 Exchange Replacement Simplified 60 Days Before You Sell We start looking for your replacement property at least 60 days before you sell your property. We start sending you possible alternatives, so you can have a better idea about the current market situation and what you can expect. No Surprises! Finding a Buyer to your Property Ready to Buy your Replacement 1031 Property Request When you find a Buyer to your property is when we start the process of narrowing our search to the properties that most closely match your criteria. Once you put your property under contract, we start submitting offers with the target of identifying at least 10 possible replacement properties. Once your existing property has closed, you will now be ready to buy your replacement. By this time, we should have several offers accepted and you will be in a better position to choose the one that closely match your criteria. We will assist you all the way from offer negotiation, due diligence and closing. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 In 3 Simple Steps

Slide Finding a Suitable 1031 Replacement Is our Top Proprity PUT YOUR 1031 EXCHANGE IN GOOD HANDS

Slide Our 1031 Exchange Value Added Free Buyer's Brokerage Fees Key Relationships with Developers & Investors Broad Access to Off the Market Properties Flat Fee Listing Fees Private Client List of International Investors Free Financing Advisory and Support Specialized Net-Leased Investment Team Successful Sales Track Record Highly Skilled and Knowledgable Brokers Fully Bilingual Team in English & Spanish 1031 Property Request