We are pleased to announce that we have sold a Sherwin Williams Net-Leased property located in Roswell, GA.  We represented the buyer and the transaction closed in approximately 35 days.  This is a completely remodeled building with a new 10-Years Net-Lease.

Sherwin Williams is a nationally recognized Fortune 500 Company founded in 1866. They operate more than 4,000 stores worldwide including North America, Europe and South America.

Transaction Highlights

  • Price sold: $1,590,000
  • Lease Term/Type: 10 years Net-Leased
  • Tennant: Sherwin Williams
  • Location: Roswell, GA
  • Funding: 50% cash / 50% loan
  • Buyer: Private Investor
  • Time to close: 35 days

Are you Interested in Investing in a Sherwin Williams NNN Investment Property?

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