The ability to obtain a Commercial Real Estate Financing Loan is one the most essential elements of Buying or Selling a Commercial Property. In most of the situations, it will determine the success of the Real Estate transaction. We know how intimidating can be dealing with Bankers and all their financial requirements.  We got you covered, our team is composed by former Corporate Commercial Real Estate Bankers with more than 15 years of experience in the Commercial Lending Industry.

Commercial Real Estate Financing Support

  • Our Financing Support is FREE for our customers, we will represent you as your Real Estate Agent and our fees will come from the Real Estate Transaction.
  • We have a large network of Bankers, Private Lenders & Equity Capital Funds, both locally and nationally, with whom we have established relationship that we put at our customer reach.
  • We provide our clients valuable financing support by reviewing and pre-screening their financial information before it is presented to the Bank, making sure that it conforms Bank’s requirements.
  • We present our client’s application to at least four different commercial banks to make sure that our clients obtain the best financing terms and the highest probability of approval. We bring the bankers to your business in order that they can get to know more about you and your business.
  • We get involved with our clients during the financing evaluation process, helping them clarifying their questions regarding the application.
  • We are able to speak the Banker’s language; we know what they are looking for. We highlight the strengths of our client’s application, and we explain them why we are recommending it for approval.
  • We are knowledgeable in most of the Government Financing programs like SBA 504, SBA 7a, USDA, among others. We provide our clients support with the required forms and loan documentation.
  • Our network of Bankers is very diversified and industry diverse.  They have lending programs for Real Estate InvestorsDoctors, Architects, Business Owners, Corporations, Restaurants, Consulting, Construction and Development.
  • We Know How To Get Your Commercial Real Estate Financing Application Approved

We can help you with the Commercial Real Estate Financing

At CASABLANCA Commercial Real Estate, we can help you finding the best Commercial Financing alternative in the market. We have strong market connections with local and national Bankers that we introduce to our clients and help them to obtain Commercial Loan approval.

Why Choosing Us

  • A strong financial background is what sets us apart. We are former Commercial Real Estate Bankers with more than 15 years of experience in Commercial Real Estate Investment Lending.
  • Investor’s Mindset – We understand the financial aspects of an Investment Property, which enable us to identify the financial risks and opportunities involved in each investment in order that our clients can make assertive investment decisions.
  • Financing Background – We leverage in our extensive Financial and Corporate Background that allow us to assist our clients to obtain Commercial Financing. As former Bankers, we are able to speak the banker’s language, we negotiate with them on your behalf, we know what they are looking for, we know how to get your loan application approved.
  • Strong Market Connections – We have strong market connections that includes local and national Bankers, Top Brokers, Private Equity Funds, National Tenants, NNN Investors and past clients, that allow us to find property financing for the most complex financial situations.
  • College Education – Beyond experience, our team is college educated holding several Financial College Degrees from prestigious Universities in the United States.

Contact Us here or call us directly at 407.205.7570,  let us be your Commercial Real Estate Advisor.